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Gennifer Choldenko

Al Capone Does My Shirts

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade

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Discussion/Analysis Prompt

Several characters in Al Capone Does My Shirts face multiple moral dilemmas. Which of the characters face the clearest moral dilemmas in the novel? How do the characters approach these dilemmas? Why are the reactions to moral dilemmas different for each character?

Teaching Suggestion: Students may find it beneficial to brainstorm a list of the characters in the novel to analyze them one by one before formally responding to the prompt. Students might find it helpful to work in small groups to compile notes on each of the characters to assist them in creating their responses.

Differentiation Suggestion: Students with executive learning differences and others who require assistance with analysis may find it beneficial to narrow their topic of discussion to one to three character(s) from the novel, thus limiting the scope of their analyses.